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Realize Your Horse's True Potential

Lesley Skipper

J.A. Allen 2003


ISBN: 978-0851318141


Hard back: 25.6 x 19.4 x 2.6 cm


241 pages col.ill.



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With the upsurge of interest in competitive disciplines such as dressage, showing and endurance riding, more and more riders are wanting to buy the 'right horse for the right job'. While this is commendable, it can lead to riders and trainers having unrealistic expectations of horses bred specifically for certain disciplines. Overemphasis on certain types of horse can also lead to discouragement, as many riders are made to feel that their horse is somehow 'inferior' to expensive, purpose-bred horses.

This book asks riders to re-evaluate their aims. Do they want to take part in top level competition, or do they simply want to compete at Riding Club level? Do they, indeed, want to compete at all, or is their main satisfaction gained from just owning and riding their horse, and trying to get the best out of him? Whatever their goals, they need to understand how the way a horse is put together affects his athletic ability, and what his limitations and abilities are likely to be. They must also recognise the enormous extent to which they, as riders and trainers, can affect a horse's capabilities and either enhance or decrease his potential. No horse has absolutely perfect conformation, but almost every horse can be helped, through correct care, training and riding, to overcome such limitations as nature has imposed on him, and to become more beautiful as a result.

The book will help every rider to understand how this may be achieved, and how they can realise their horse's true potential.