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Riding Revelations


ISBN 978-1-907212-01-7


Paperback 10" x 8"; 216 pages; Riding Revelations

col. and b & w photographs, line drawings



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   Riding Revelations


Classical Training from the Beginning


Anne Wilson

Foreword by Sylvia Loch

Many people think of classical riding as ‘elitist’, ‘posh’ or much too difficult or advanced for them. Some people even think that it is not applicable to their type of riding. Anne Wilson shows that none of these ideas is true, and that classical riding, in a practical sense, is nothing more or less than correct riding: following the laws of nature and gravity. When riders and trainers stick to the principles of the classical school they achieve much more harmony with the horse. They are safer in the saddle; they extend the life expectancy of their horses; and they become a more effective partnership. This applies to whichever discipline they choose to follow, be it hacking, show jumping, cross country riding, eventing or dressage.


Riding Revelations provides a very basic, clear, concise guide for any rider—from novice to advanced competition rider— to understand the first principles of classical riding. It offers, in straightforward terms, a simple step by step way of riding and training which can be understood by the novice rider on the threshold of their riding career.


Complex subjects are broken down into easily-digested bite size pieces, while numerous sub headings make it easier for the reader to find the answers to so many things that can confuse and mystify.


Riding Revelations will benefit riders of all ages, levels of experience and abilities, including people who have ridden all of their lives, but not studied the classical school. It offers the thinking rider a true ‘riding revelation’.


ANNE WILSON has trained people with their horses for over 25 years. She learnt to ride at the age of seven and came up through the ranks of the Pony Club and British Horse Society, and their respective exam systems. In the 1970s she became engrossed in the books of the old classical masters, and decided to train with Sylvia Loch, a modern day master, learning much from her wonderful schoolmaster stallion, Palomo Linares. Anne has been an active member of the Classical Riding Club since its inception, for most of that time as a Regional Liaison Member, and was awarded the CRC Gold Award Certificate in 1998. Her first book, Top Horse Training Methods Explored’, was published in 2004 by David & Charles. She currently writes monthly training articles in the national magazine Equi-Ads. She contributes regularly to the Classical Riding Club and Equine Behaviour Forum publications.